New pics coming!

Cameron and Ariel were able to get some photos of toddlers wearing my bibs!  Can't wait to see the final shots.  Here's a low rez pic of Cameron taking a photo...

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.52.46 PM.png

First bibs

Found photos of my girls first birthday party wearing bibs I made from 1990!  They've come a long way!

Cammie's covered up!  No cake on her party dress!

Cammie's covered up!  No cake on her party dress!

Something new

Created some new styles due to difficulty finding fun bright rib knit material for the neck area.  Need a dark color because of food  Monsters and flower splashes!


These are so cute.  Great to see the different patterns all grouped together.  Getting hang tags together and sending to Cameron for sales in Cali.  Working on a photo of one of these little scarves on a tiny dog.

The latest

From researching other similar items I came up with our best sizes.  So, now to put the finishing tags on and send to Cameron in Cali.

Sweet Macy in a small scarf.

Sweet Macy in a small scarf.

Small, medium and large.  Roxie's print.

Small, medium and large.  Roxie's print.

Tweaking here and there

Not twerking...  haha!

Getting the scarf collar width figured out still.  Here Roxie gets her scarf to fit her wide collar.  Actually it's the buckle or clip that is large.  So, these need to be wide enough to fit the whole collar through.  Trying to find a median width.  Not sure these can fit every possible collar width without making them really wide on all.  Will it look good using a thin collar?

I'm doing some research today at a pet supply store that I saw online makes a similar look to what these are.  Wondering how wide their collar area is.

Scarf Patterns

Think I have the dog scarf patterns figured out.  Really a challenge coming up with a slot to slide the scarf onto the collar.  So many collars out there.  Trying to find the best size to fit most.  Trial and error complete I hope!  Thanks to Roxy and Macy for their human parents help!

2 more for twins

Twins family likes the bibs I gave as gifts.  So, they ordered another pair.  They rip off the velcro bibs that they have.  These cannot be ripped off!  Plus my sister says they giggle and laugh when she puts these on them!  They are washing them every day so they have them to use.  They do need more!

Trying to find bright colored towel material for these.  Not a lot available.  I get what I can when I find them.  So, the styling is sometimes different.  Here the purple grape has bars at top and bottom of the bib.  The red strawberry has no bars. Both are cute, but I prefer no bars. And it'd be nice to be consistent.

Dog Scarves

Simple zig zag cut dog bandanas and designer dog collar scarves are coming!  Working on a new project with Cameron.  Using Elsie as a model to figure out dimensions.

She always looks so skeptical.  lol

She always looks so skeptical.  lol

5 to go!

Blueberry, sweet pea, peachy, little tomato and orange.

5 bibs sent!  2 for some adorable twins, and 3 to my daughter's friends with babies to photograph.  Hope to get really great pics to better explain about these wonderful bibs.